Arising from Phoenix, Arizona, Brian’s Escape has undergone several lineup changes since their birth in 2005 under the name Breaking the Silence.  With the addition of Larry Gast III in 2008, the band began to explode with musical vitality.  Scrumptious, the lineup’s debut album, was released in August of the same year.  The record perfectly captures the band’s raw power and dynamism. Its live tracking allows listeners to metaphorically taste the energy radiating from the songs.

In 2009, Brian’s Escape added another layer to its creative machine. The band reached out to musician and friend Remy Coullandreau to contribute keyboard and percussion to the ensemble. Once the six began to collaborate, the band’s vision of a more meaningful project began to take shape. For several months, the band experimented with new sounds to capture this alluring musical challenge. However, it wasn’t until frontman Larry Gast III began researching the 1897 expedition of Swedish explorer Salomon August Andree that the direction of this conceptual project became clear. As the story took hold in Larry’s mind, the rest of band started solidifying the instrumental foundation of the EP.

The Journey, released in the summer of 2010, embodies a much more complex and dark tone than the band’s previous work. Despite this transition, Brian’s Escape still manages to keep the same unique energetic sound that is prevalent in all of their material.

Separated by state lines and sometimes even international boarders for significant portions of the year, the band has continued to find ways to write new music together. After a failed apocalypse, 2011 holds great excitement for listeners of Brian’s Escape. The band will be releasing a new single early this summer with additional material to follow shortly thereafter.

The music is excellent, but to classify it is darn near impossible.  Some say it is simply jamm music for the soul coupled with some aggressive, yet classy, rockin’ roll.  Others assert it is a result of various influences such as the RX Bandits, Muse, Pink Floyd, Thrice, and The Bled; however, none of these explanations quite give the music its justice.  What is known is that the band is a mixture of the godly bass of Travis Kassenbrock, the surging synth of Remy Coullandreau, the rhythmful rhythm of Trevor Swaine, the spontaneous and progressive riff-age of Josh Rosenbaum, the explosive drum beats of Dylan Kassenbrock, and the Larrification of all things good by Larry Gast III.  The best piece of advice would be to listen to the songs and decide for yourself what this Brian’s Escape music really is.