The Journey

The Journey

The Journey

The idea of a concept album had always sparked the interest of the members of Brian’s Escape. After the release of their debut album, Scrumptious, the band’s vision of a more meaningful project began to take shape in the form of jamming/writing. However, it wasn’t until frontman/vocalist Larry Gast III began researching the 1897 expedition of Swedish Explorer Salomon August Andree that the direction of this conceptual project became clear.

As the story took vision in Larry’s mind, the rest of band started solidifying the foundation of the instrumental half of the EP. Through the music, the band portrays the events of the arctic expedition from its launch to the point of death for the travelers. The lyrics take another direction, giving a more abstract insight into the growing insanity Andree experienced as he drew closer to his impending death.

Each song on The Journey stands alone beautifully, however, the lyrics and the music complement each other in a way that can only truly be appreciated by experiencing the album from beginning to end.

In 1897, Swedish balloonist Salomon August Andree and two fellow enthusiasts embarked on a voyage they hoped would forever change the world.

The crew set forth with minimal supplies, a hydrogen balloon that was untested, and a blinding drive to be the first to successfully navigate the North Pole.

Just days into The Journey, their balloon crashed onto the frozen ocean.

For several months, the men survived, attempting to return home by foot.

Their bodies were discovered more then 30 years later.

The Journey: An Account of S. A. Andree's Arctic Expedition of 1897 - Brian's Escape